My Healing Journey Through Breast Cancer

Two days after my 36th Birthday, I received a call that no one wants to hear... a call from your oncologist that says, "You have breast cancer."

My heart suddenly stopped. Emotions rushed in like a river raging out of control and my life came to a screeching halt. A numbing sense of darkness and denial rushed in to ease my pain... but only for a moment. Crippling emotions washed through my body and the pain became unbearable once again. “Now what? What the F*** do I do now?"

The truth was, I had no idea what to do. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to live. No, I needed to live!!! I had two young ones (ages 5 and 8) that needed their mother. They were way too young to grow up without their mother.

I knew the pain of losing a mother all too well. I lost my mother, and my best friend, to ovarian cancer at the age of 22. It was devasting. I knew I needed to find a way to live so my children wouldn't have to bear the unbearable burden of death.

I began to research every treatment option with fierce intensity as if my life depended on it... because my life literally depended on it.

By witnessing my mother's battle with cancer, I experienced first-hand the toxic side effects of conventional treatment. I was 18 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I stood by her side through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, drug therapies, suffering, pain and loss through her journey. Two weeks before her body collapsed from the treatments she said to me,

"Mary, this is not the way to cure cancer, there must be another way. A way that the body can heal itself."

Her life and physical body graciously slipped away, but her words remained with me forever. Little did I know; her words were a precious gift. A gift of Divine Wisdom I would not fully understand, appreciate, and implement until I, too, was diagnosed with cancer. Her words encouraged me to find another way to heal ...and so I did.

I researched all treatment options, both conventional and unconventional. I took in the information and internally processed all that I gathered. Throughout my research, I constantly struggled with conflicting thoughts between my mind and my heart. My mind (and all of my conventional doctors) would tell me that if I don't do the conventional treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, drugs that I would die. My heart (and my mother's words) would tell me that there is "another way to heal."

I was feeling intense pressure to make a decision. Should I follow the voice in my head or the voice in my heart? Which voice should I listen to? Which voice spoke the loudest?

When the time came to decide, I opted to choose the soft, subtle voice in my heart. By doing so, I found "another way to heal." The ultimate miracle through this process was that I followed heart. By following my heart, miracles continued to unfold in perfect divine order.

The journey through healing is an ongoing process. It is an inside job that begins to unfold by listening to the soft subtle voice in your heart, the voice of Eternal Divine Wisdom.

Every cancer "thriver" I have known, began their healing journey from connecting to their divine guidance, otherwise known as intuition. Your intuition will never misguide you.

I listened to my intuition and was led on a whole-istic approach to healing where I addressed all aspects of myself including body, mind, emotion and Spirit. By following this guidence, I not only healed my body, I healed mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. I experienced "Whole Healing."

To help my body restore itself, I implemented whole organic foods, pharmaceutical grade supplements, detox baths, amalgam filling removal, rebounding and coffee enemas. Everything I ate or put into or on my body supported and nourished my body to heal. I eliminated or avoided anything that created a toxin burden that my body needed to clear. This created a storehouse of nourishment and abundant energy that my body needed to restore itself.

For my mind, I had to become very clear and aware of my thoughts. I needed to calm the "monkey mind" and endless chatter running amuck within my consciousness. I used several mindfulness practices to help calm my mind. Where your mind goes, your body will follow. While your mind can heal your body, your body cannot heal your mind. Your mind is a powerful tool in your healing process.

I learned to process my emotions by holding and surrounding them with love and grace. Suppressing emotions keeps them stuck in your body and they begin to fester like an infected wound. Unattended emotions cause energetic blocks in your body that, if left unattended, will manifest into physical disease. The only way to clear them is to meet them, hold them, understand them, and love them until they clear. Emotions are like children, they need your tender loving care and compassion.

I also surrendered into a deeper spiritual connection within myself. Cancer and dis-ease show up as a message from your soul. Emotions are the suppressed parts and pieces of your soul that you have lost touch with or abandoned. Your soul is seeking reunion and complete integration within yourself. Your soul will send emotional messages to help you learn, evolve, and grow through life experience. Shadow work is a wonderful way to get in touch with lost aspects of your soul.

Reconnection to Source (God) is your ultimate healing tool. By connecting to Source, you are connecting to the energy that creates the Universe. You begin to heal the body with the same energy that created the body. Thus, as you learn to tap into this energy, the body naturally heals itself.

December, 2023 I will celebrate 15 years of healthy, happy and vibrant living from my original cancer diagnosis. While my conventional doctors claimed I would die within 5 years if I did not do chemotherapy, drugs and radiation, I ignored their opinion, and chose to live instead. I proved them wrong and I am more alive now than ever. I am living. I am loving. I am thriving. I found another way to heal... and you can too.

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As technology and our understanding of the human body evolve, medicine is elvolving toward frequency healing. The power to reenergize and restore our cells is now available. As my mother so wisely proclaimed,

"...there must be 'another way' to heal the body.... a way that the body can heal itself."

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My prayer for you:

"May you find your own way to your happiest, healthiest self and life. May you discover that you are everything that you ever wanted and more. May you realize that you are precious and priceless simply because you exist. You hold the power and wisdom of the Universe within every cell of your being. May you connect and use this divine knowledge wisely."

I Love you more than you Know, until you Know.

Your New Friend and Guide,

Mary Rust

"Mary, this is not the way to cure cancer, there must be another way... A way that the body can heal itself.."

~ Mary's Mother, Barbara Yockey

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"The world is not what you think it is... and only what you think it is at the same time"

- Mary Rust


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