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Living Proof

How did I go from the fittest women in the world, to a life-threatening cancer diagnosis at the age of 36? My diagnosis didn't makes sense and yet, I had to make sense of it. By diving deep into my inner world, getting real with reality, and exploring a natural healing path (no surgery, drugs, radiation, or chemotherapy) I found another way to heal. "Living Proof," walks you through my journey and teaches you how to heal in ways you never thought possible. Click on the photo above to order your copy today.

Online Programs

Are you ready to reclaim your life and begin your journey back to health? I'm offering several options for you to explore including a free health consultation, one-on-one coaching, NES Health bioenergetic scans, and a Signature Program (currently in the works) where you get to take a deep dive into ALL aspects of self (Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit). Click my photo above to see which program is right for you.

Frequency Healing

Every cell in your body needs energy to function properly. The health of your cells is reflected in the health of your body. If your cells do not have the energy they need to function properly, disease, discomfort, and emotional issues manifest physically. Terahertz frequency recharges your cells so that your body is able to heal and restore itself in perfect order. Click on the photo above to see how terahertz frequency can radically change your life and your health.

Click on the Photo below to access Nature's Purest Supplements, Essential Oils, Weightloss Essentials and Superfoods...for humans and pets :)

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"The world is not what you think it is... and only what you think it is at the same time"

- Mary Rust


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